Ozone Disinfection and
Odor Control Service

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Ozone Disinfection & Odor Control Service

Offensive trash odor at a floor level or pickup area can be a negative reflection on your facility.

In addition to the impact on the community, the odor creates an unpleasant work environment and may cause complaints from neighbors and residents.

Such complaints may result in violations and fines from the local health department. Most importantly, the odor can attract unwanted pests.

Ozone is 50% more effective than Chlorine is. Ozone has been used for water disinfection and treatment since late 1800s.

Our Ozone disinfection service revolves around patented ozone-generated Advanced Cold Plasma technology to disinfect Swimming Pools by eliminating the need for Chlorine.

The Sanitation delivered by this Service is done in the most natural way using nothing but the Air itself!

The Service is provided as an All-Inclusive Package that reduces costs, and guarantees the results with ZERO upfront investments and Customer staff resources commitement.

The Service is to destroy bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and mold with 99.9% efficiency*. Bacteria & Fungi are the prime source of smell. If there is no bacteria - there is no smell. *The laboratory proved results.

No Bacteria & Fungi

The Service eliminates Bacteria, Viruses and Mold by destroing them on molecular level.

No Odor but Fresh Air

The Service cleans Indoor Air or Water by destroying bacteria. Bacteria are a prime source of smell. In case if there is no Bacteria - there is no smell


The Service utilises oxygen only, extracted from the Air and activated with energy. There are NO any additional Chemicals are used!

Ozone Disinfection Service Features

We provide professional services and support as part of the Service Package

  • Two weeks free-of-charge trial

  • Laboratory proved afficiency of 99.9%

  • Chemical-free technology

  • Location-specific service design

  • Microcomputer & Sensors controled

  • Cloud Monitoring System

  • Full Comply to Dubai Municipality Regulations

  • Support 24/7


Ozone Disinfection Service Features

What makes our service unique

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Disinfection & Odor control Service application

We offer the Service for the follow use cases

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Garbage Room & Chute Disinfection and Odor Control

Eliminates bacteria, viruses & fungi in the Garbage room and inside & along a Trush Chute up to the top floors. The Service removes completely offensive garbage odor by destroying bacteria that are the source of smell on molecular level.

Swimming Pool Disinfection

Ozone is 50 times more powerful than Chlorine is, that is widely used as Swimming Pool disinfectant. Our custom designed Ozone Disinfection System for Swimming Pools replaces Chlorine with Ozone that is produced from the Air. No need for chemical storage and supply!

Warehouse Disinfection & Fruit Protection

We use a patent-pending design of Ozone Disinfection system for Warehouses that protects fruits & vegetables from harmful bacteria and even extends their shelf-life up to 60 extra days! The result is achieved by using Activated Oxygen only produced from the Air on site. No chemicals are used.

Hotels & Rooms Disinfection

Guest comfort is a key factor in Hospitality. Our Service gets rid of Smoking smell in the rooms as well as of any other odors in the entire Hotel using nothing but the Indoor Air itself!

Hospitals Disinfection

Hospitals are a subject to rigorus Indoor Air Quality standards and is very sensitive environment for bacteria and viruses. Our Service destroys bacteria and viruses as well as any odor by ultimately controlling and improving the Air Quality in the Hospital using just the Air!