Smart Sensor Network Service

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About Service

We design a programmable Wi-Fi Smart Sensor Monitoring Network as a solution to increase Facility Management efficiency.

Smart Sensor Network provides as a Service to be the most affordable sensor and monitoring solution in the market.

Such complaints may result in violations and fines from the local health department. Most importantly, the odor can attract unwanted pests.

Smart Sensor Network is to simplify control and efficiency of Facility Management while reducing operating costs of running properties.

IoT Smart Solutions

Designing Smart Automatisation Solutions to FM day-to-day tasks using the Industrial grade programmable sensors, Microcontrollers, Cloud Monitoring Platform and Mobile Apps.

As a Service

The Solutions are provided as a Ready-to-go Services that speed up and simplify the deployment and get resuts.

for Operation Efficiency

The Service mode makes complex, and expensive IoT technologies affordable to Facility Management with any budget.

Our range of Smart Sensors for the IoT Network

We design and operate the IoT Smart Network using any combinations of the sensors

  • retina ready
    Vibration Sensor
  • retina ready
    Water Leak Sensor
  • retina ready
    Air Flow Sensor
  • retina ready
    Dust Sensor
  • retina ready
    Temperature Sensor
  • retina ready
    Humidity Sensor
  • retina ready
    Ozone Sensor
  • retina ready
    Smoke Sensor
  • retina ready
    CO/CO2 Sensor
  • retina ready
    Light Sensor
  • retina ready
    Motion Sensor
  • retina ready
    Current Sensor
  • retina ready
    Liquid Level Sensor
  • retina ready
    Pressure Meter Sensor
  • retina ready
    Resistance Sensor

IoT Cloud Monitoring Platform

Our Platform collects, aggregates, processed and visualised data from the IoT Network

  • Sensor send data to the Cloud

  • CMS processed data & visualased them

  • Actions can be performed automatically

  • Notify FM Manager or Support team

  • Supply raw or aggregated data

  • CMS is accesible on Mobile devices

  • Possible integration with other systems

  • Support 24/7


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