Trash Chute Cleaning and
Steam Sterilization

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Trash Chute Cleaning & Steam Sterilization Service

The Service utilises an advanced technology that sets a new standard in Trash Chute cleaning.

How about cleaning the Trash Chute to an almost brand-new condition, eliminating all bacteria, viruses, allergies, fungi and microorganisms in the process while using not water and cleaning chemicals?

The Service is delivered by using a high-tech electrical brush-cleaning equipment with built-in noise control and a high-pressure Steam generator.

Steam temperature is 230 C.

The brush moves rotating inside the trash chute from top to bottom, cleaning it from any dust and soil.

Steam is applied simultaneously making trash soil softer while eliminating all bacteria and microorganisms in the process.

The service is required to be used twice a year (every 6 months) only.

Service Result A completely clean chute in like-new condition free from any bacteria, microorganisms and smell.
No Bacteria & Fungi

The Service eliminates Bacteria, Viruses and Mold by destroing them on molecular level.

Steam only

The Service cleans Idoor Air or Water by destroying bacteria. Bacteria are a prime source of smell. In case if there is no Bacteria - there is no smell.


The Service utilises high-pressure Steam only.

Service Features

It is recommended to clean the Trash Chute twice a year only!

  • Chute is cleaned to brand-new condition

  • Sterialazed from any microorganisms

  • Chemical-free technology

  • No flowing water, only steam

  • Warranty