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    24x7 Real Time Service delivery with Cloud Monitoring System.
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    Control our Service delivery

    Real Time data update

    Monitoring System

    Alarms & Notifications by SMS & Email

    Full Service visibility

    Monthly Service Report

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    Find the solution you need within our Services
    Smart, Chemical-free & Green Technologies
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    Ozone Disinfection & Odor Control

    HVAC Duct Cleaning

    Chute Cleaning & Steam Sterilization

    IoT Smart Sensor Solutions

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    Advanced Technologies delivered as a cost effective All-Inclusive Service Package!
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ASCATE is a high-tech service provider of innovative Chemical-free technologies, Smart Sensors and IT Solutions to improve Indoor Air Quality and reduce bio-burden on facilities.

These advanced technologies are delivered as affordable All-Inclusive Service Packages with no upfront investments.

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What we Offer

Our technologies and Professional Services are aligned with a Vision to drastically reduce bio-burden on Facility Management and improve Indor Air Quality by developing and providing chemical-free technology, professional services and high-tech solutions.

We are in the position to offer a Real-Time Service to our customers deploying IoT Smart Sensor Network and providing access to our Cloud Monitoring platform. Therefore, offering the highest level of control, eliminating downtime of our services.

We believe in energy efficient solutions, a reduced environmental impact, and an eco-friendly sanitation technology that requires minimal levels of chemicals in order to keep people safe and operational costs low.

  • Advanced Disinfection & Cleaning technologies as a Service

    We offer All-Inclusive Service Packages to improve Indoor Air Quality, Control Odor, Trash Chute, Water tanks & HVAC Cleaning, Complete High-Tech Solutions to automatisation of Facility Management operations and reducing costs.

  • 14 days Free-of-Charge Trial

    We offer a free-of-charge trial on most of our technologies. Its designed to make you comfortable with our services.

  • Fully dedicated 24/7 customer support

    With great technologies must come even better support. We are here for you 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or sudgestions.

Our Eco-friendly Services

Our high-tech Services do not impose any significant additinal costs to Facility Management They are designed to reduce costs of the traditional activities by offering to substitute them with much more efficient advanced Eco-friendly technologies that deliver ultimate results

Trash Chute Cleaning & Steam Sterilization
High-Tech Service

Full Trash Chute, even between floor levels is cleaned to brand-new condition and Sterialized from all & any microorganisms by using no chemicals but high-pressure Steam of 230 C.

IoT Smart Sensor Network
as Service

Simplify control and efficiency of Facility Management while reducing operating costs of running properties.

Our Service delivery process

We are confident in our technologies and service quality. Our Service delivery process is designed to Look & Feel of them


Step 1: Contact Us

We are answering 24/7. You are welcome to ask us any questions regarding our services.


Step 2: Shedule a Site Survey

Our Services are location specific. We will need to visit your Facility to check its specifics and propose the most suitable solution for the best fee.


Step 4: Agree on the Contract

When the trial results meet your expectations, we are ready to continue the service on the contract basis.


Step 3: Free of Change Trial

Most of our Services you can test for 14-days Free-of-Charge trial with Laboratory proving results.

Cloud Monitoring System

All our systems are equiped with microcomputer logic and connected to our Cloud Monitorng Platform. Data from the systems are updated in Real Time. Alarms & Notifications are sent by Email and SMS.

The Monitoring System enables us to provide a Real Time Service and eliminate our systems downtime. Using the MS your team has full visibility and control over our Service delivery quality.